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Our office is centrally located in Antwerp

Easy reachable by public transportation with a tram stop, bus stop and cycle station in front of the office. We use shared bikes and e-steps to move around in this bustling city or to quickly have a lunch break in the nearby bookstore.


At Growth Inc., we are driven by the belief that all companies, organisations and individuals have more potential than they are aware of. Since impact is in Growth Inc.’s DNA, nothing makes us happier than to see people strive, prosper and -most importantly- achieve their goals. That is why we have launched Growth Inc_lusive.


Fully stocked fridge and a fruit basket. Always a fresh flower on your desk. Always a surprising office challenge. A fitness room with showers. You will never eat alone. (Did we already mention our amazing sunlit offices and a rooftop restaurant just two floors away?)

Always learning

Always something to learn: colleagues sing in a choir, travel to exotic places to learn new languages, cycle like madmen, have ministers on speed dial or use horses as the perfect mental coach. Got any questions? Fire away! On top of that, you work for various high-profile clients in diverse sectors.


Flexible work environment: The most overused buzzword in CVs and job offers. This is how we work: Do you need to see the dentist? Is Belgium facing the worst traffic jam ever? Do you need to apply for jury duty? All of these are negotiable. Are we approaching a deadline? We count on you.

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